UTD Student Critique Workshop

UTD Student Critique Workshop

UTD Student Critique Workshop

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Price of Digital Course

Scuba Divers:

Have you wanted to learn a new technique or skill but could not connect with an instructor? 

Are you practicing and/or prepping for a class but don’t know if you are doing it right?  

Have you finished a class and now want to continue to practice the skills with the guidance of your instructor? 

Do you need feedback?

UTD Student Critique Workshop

Our new and exciting UTD Student Critique Workshop provides the solution. This workshop uses modern technology to help coach and mentor divers like you on skills and/or techniques using “feedback learning.”

How it works

In the UTD Student Critique Workshop you work one-on-one with any UTD instructor to learn or master your dive skills. In a collaborative learning environment you provide your instructor with a video of your dive skills. You upload your video to our secure critique server then your UTD instructor gives you feedback, annotating your video with text notes, audio, and/or video. 

Once you purchase the UTD Instructor Critique Workshop, you will receive an online class that covers the educational aspects of the Workshop, along with a program on how the technology works. You will also fill out a form that gives your instructor some information about your diving and your reasons for participating in the workshop.

Since all the work is done online, it can be conducted at your convenience. After the instructor review, you can practice your skills, then upload a new video for instructor review. You can do this up to four times over a maximum period of 12 months.

During the review, your instructor will not only critique your current skills, but will provide feedback and guidance to help you improve, giving you the tools you need to improve, all in a safe, secure, and positive environment.  

The Advantages

  • Students and instructors can work together any time, from any where.
  • Students receive individual attention.
  • Instructors annotate video using text, audio or video.
  • Annotations are attached to the exact point in the video.
  • Annotations are color coded positive, neutral or negative for ease of identification.
  • Multiple languages are supported. 

The Costs

Each workshop is $199 and includes the online course materials, the startup form, and up to four videos reviewed over the course of up to one year. 

To Begin

  • Go to the Critique Classes section of the website:
  • Choose your instructor.
  • Purchase the class, complete the registration paperwork.
  • Complete and submit the Critique Workshop Questionnaire.
  • Exchange emails with your instructor.
  • Shoot and upload your first video.
  • Once critiqued, practice, then shoot and upload a second video.
  • Continue until you have reached four videos or one year.
  • Once past four videos or one year, to continue, you must purchase the class again.

Contact Us

Please write with any questions or help with the technology, info@unifiedteamdiving.com.

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