UTD Divemaster Renewal

UTD Divemaster Renewal

UTD Divemaster Renewal

Business: Unified Team Diving

Price of Digital Course

UTD DiveMaster Renewal - 2019

Unified Team Diving is moving forward rapidly. One major change is we are seperating UTD Edcuation and UTD Equipment.

What's new in UTD Education in 2019

UTD Crew packs

  •     Printed Materials - Openwater Book, Essentials Book, Technical Book, Overhead Book
  •     Written Test
  •     UTD Logbook
  •     UTD Dive Tables Slate
  •     UTD Gas Management Slate
  •     USB Stick of the Class Skills
  •     FREE Online Materials code
  •     UTD Sticker
  •     UTD Water Bottle

UTD Student Crew Packs for classes

Openwater + Nitrox               - Retail $149.95   Cost $100  plus shipping     - Openwatter and Rec 1 
Essentials + Nitrox                - Retail $149.95    Cost $100 plus shipping     - Essentials of ....rec, tech, ohp, sidemount
Technical diver                      - Retail $189.95    Cost $139 plus shipping     - Techreational, tech 1, 2, 3
Over head (Cave/wreck)       - Retail $189.95    Cost $139 plus shipping     - OHP, cave 1, 2, 3, wreck 1 , 2, 3

Alternate to crew packs Online Materials

Regualr Online Materials -Retail $99 - Cost $75
Mini Clases online materials - $39 - Cost $33

New Metal C-Cards

Normal $39.95 - Student Discounted price $34.95  -Cost is $26.75 Plus shipping
Students get the new Metal C-Card, a signed UTD letter and a UTD sticker

2019 Instructor Renewal - $199.95 plus shipping

  •  Metal C-Card
  •  Instructor Wall Plaque
  •  1 Free Class code
  •  50 sticker pack
  • Class completion banner
  • Class structure pamphlet
  • Access to Global Prep Classes at your level

 Dive-Master - $99.95 plus shipping

  • Metal C-Card
  • 50 UTD sticker pack
  • Access to Global Prep Classes at your level

Inactive Instructor - $69.95 plus shipping    

  • Metal C-Card
  • 50 UTD sticker pack
  •  Access to Global Prep Classes at your level

UTD Summary C-Card - Retail $39.95 - Cost $33 

  •  1 card that lists all certifications and limitations
  •   UTD Sticker

 UTD Dive Rewards Program

  • 500 UTD Dives Bronze C-Card  - Metal C-Card Retail $39.95  - Cost $33
  • 1000 UTD Dives Gold C-Card  - Metal C-Card Retail $39.95  - Cost $33
  • 5000 UTD Dives Platinum C-Card - Metal C-Card Retail $39.95  - Cost $33 
  • 10000 UTD Dives Black C-Card - Metal C-Card Retail $39.95 - Cost $33 

UTD Facility Merch

  • Door Signs
  • 50 Sticker Pack
  • In Store Flag Banner
  • Class Structure Banner
  • Class Structure Pamphlets

This UTD Instructor, Inactive Instructor and DM renewal is open until March 31, 2019, HOWEVER, ALL RENEWALS ARE DUE BY JANUARY 31 of 2019. Late remewal are an additional $50 per month. So renewals go up on Feb 1, and again on March 1 by $50. If you do not renew by the end of March, you are no longer be a UTD Instructor, inactive instructor or Dive Master and will need to requalify to become a UTD Instructor or Dive Master again.

The fine print:

By renewing, you declare that you have read and understand the UTD Standards and 10 Covenants of UTD, and agree that if you fail to adhere to UTD Standards and Covenants, your certification as UTD professional is subject to immediate revocation at the sole discretion of Unified Team Diving.

You agree to carry liability insurance at your own cost in conformity with local law with appropriate minimum limits per occurrence and including all risk for course categories you are allowed to teach - ie. Foundational, Overhead, Technical Scuba, etc.

You assume full responsibility for knowing / adhering to local insurance obligations / laws of the country you are currently residing in and for having a valid insurance policy covering your training at all times. You will ensure that UTD is named as an additional insured in your insurance policy where required by local law. You acknowledge that it is not UTD's responsibility to verify the validity and scope of coverage of your personal policy. You hereby explicitly declare that you will hold UTD harmless in any case for non-renewal or non-coverage or any other reason related to your personal injury insurance policy.

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