Extreme Scuba Makeover  ESM

Extreme Scuba Makeover ESM

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Organiser: UTD Watersports
Email: info@utdwatersports.com

Extreme Scuba Makeover ESM

By: UTD Watersports HQ (UTD Watersports)
Region: Africa and Middle East
Where: 543 Center Street Santa Cruz, CA 95060
When: 30 Nov -0001 12:00-AM to 30 Nov -0001 12:00-AM
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30 Nov -0001 00:00 - 30 Nov -0001 00:00
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Build Solid Buoyancy, Balance and Trim!!! The ESM "Mini" gives every diver an opportunity to learn precise buoyancy, combined with a horizontal trim position, and excellent balance. These are the hallmark of control in the water You’ll learn to effortlessly hold your position in the water! Typically the mini begins with a 2-3 hour initial session consisting of introductions, a power point presentation including video tape of the skills to be introduced in the class. Then we begin the hands-on equipment retro-fitting, reviewing the configuration with a discussion of the pros and cons. We then focuses on the “dry runs” of the foundational skills and some practice before entering the water. Dry runs allow the student to practice the skills on land under the watchful eye of the instructor(s). Skills include improving diver trim, proficiency in precision buoyancy control, some propulsion techniques . Students will then conduct a minimum of two hours of confined water putting the skills and concepts learned in the morning session into actual practice while the videographer captures the in-water session for review. We conclude the day with a 1-2 hour video review. All UTD classes are videotaped for educational and review purposes only. We believe it is invaluable for students to visually focus on their individual in-water skills, situational awareness, communication, and team diving. Learning to self evaluate is an important aspect of the class.

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