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Alpha/Delta Hybrid

UTD/DIR compatible, the Alpha/Delta Hybrid can quickly be
adapted from Back Mount to Side Mount Diving.

Flexibility of Style

The Alpha/Delta Trim Device can be used with a standard backplate or a Z-Harness. This allows you to Single Tank Back Mount or Side Mount dive with one trim device. Switching styles requires no modification to the wing and can be done in five minutes.

Ease of Use

Side Mount diving takes stress off the body by staging tanks in the water. Great for divers with physical limitations. Air management is simple with easy access to cylinder valve(s), first stage(s) and alternate regulator if a problem arises.

Custom Fit

Z-Harness (a basic Side-Mount Harness) can be custom fit to each diver. The advantages include comfort, ease of movement, simplicity, and minimal drag. This enables you to move through the water easier and be more efficient.


Z-Distribution is a robust distribution block which allows one to have one or two "inputs" and up to 6 outputs. This allows the diver to plug in the gases of choice and then provide the diver with outputs as needed. The all new "Quick Adjust" can be easily intergrated.

Back Mount
Side Mount

Owner's Manuals

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Unified Team Diving offers classes to keep you safe using this system in a team atmosphere.

Checklists for Configurations – Make sure you have all the equipment.

Alpha Single

Sport Back Mount Single Configuration

Vision System

Sport Back Mount Doubles Configuration

Alpha Back Mount Components – Make sure you have all the equipment.

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