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PROFESSIONAL INTERESTSCEO Recify Biz Software ( CEOUTD International Inc ( Xtras Inc ( Sea Explorers (’s License 50 tons, SAUUWeb Design, Internet StrategyCertified Flight InstructorMulti Engine PilotDIVE COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENTSubmerged Cultural Resource Exploration Team — Founding BoardMemberSCRET promotes the exploration, identification, documentation, and recovery ofsubmerged cultural resources primarily in the Pacific Northwest which has anenormously rich maritime history. Projects have included dives on the AJ Fuller,S.S. Admiral Sampson, S.S. Governor, Diamond Knot, and the Tacoma NarrowsBridge. The work of SCRET has also been featured on Evening Magazine.Global Underwater Explorers Founding Member & Training Director— 1997-2005While Andrew served as training director, he witnessed an enormousgrowth of the organization as it gained worldwide recognition. Personallytraveling to over twenty countries teaching DIR Fundamentals, Tech 1 and 2,RB80 1 and 2, and instructor development courses served to help build aninternational presence in the diving community.Britannic Expedition — 1999GUE in cooperation with the Greek Diving Center, spent ten days exploring anddocumenting this amazing ship in an attempt to unravel the mystery behind itssinking on November 21, 1916. Team members share their findings in aDiscovery Channel special program, “Inside the Brittanic.”South China Sea Expedition — 2004In our on-going effort to provide like-minded DIR divers an outlet to exploreunique and exotic wrecks worldwide, a team from around the globe assembled inthe South China Sea to explore two British Battle cruisers sunk by the Japanesefleet on December 10, 1941. The HMS Repulse and the HMS Prince of Walesas well as a Swedish super tanker name Seven Skies. For the first time, diversfound the engine room and provided documentation with both still photographyand videography.DIR In Effect — Project Leader - Beruit, Lebanon 2004A team of international divers from Greece, Portugal, Lebanon, Austria,Palestine, and the United States took on an intense schedule of diving todocument some of the most notable wrecks in the Mediterranean. During theseven days, the teams explored Alice B, a cargo ship; the submarine, Souffleur;the freight ship, National Star and Lesbian, a French Torpedo Boat, a RussianFreighter, and finally the HMS Victoria Battleship which once served as theflagship of the British Royal Navy and now towers like a skyscraper from 150meters to 77 meters just outside of Tripoli.The Shaft - Mt Gambia, Australia 2005A world class cave and spectacular mini exploration, as the entrance is only asmall hole in the middle of a paddock. All the equipment and divers had to belowered via a roping system into the water 6 meters below ground and reaches adepth of 45 meters.The Maiden: Red Sea, Egypt 2006, 2007A spectacular wreck and exploration of this cargo ship located in 400’/120m. Thisship contained cargo from Africa headed to Europe. It contents included elephanttusk among other animal skulls and horns. The RSE team, based on M/V Talaand consists of UTD instructors and other UTD members, has an ongoingexploration of this wreck.Ocean Cave Exploration “Devil’s Crack” – Ras Mohamad, Red Sea 2008 -OngoingA special exploration project as it is an ocean wall dive combined with a cavedive in the ocean. The “Devil’s Crack” is located in the Ras Mohamad MarinePark off the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt. The entrance is located on the Northernwall at about 270’/72m and the cave extends to 450’/150m. The RSE team,based on M/V Tala and consists of UTD instructors and other UTD members,has an ongoing exploration of this wreck.Cave Exploration “The Pit” - QRoo, Mexico 2005, 2006, 2009, 2010 - OngoingA unique cave system that is located in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. It is oneof a few that extends to depths of over 350’/110m. This gives the UTD and EJPPteam the opportunity to work with local scientist to help gather data about thewater quality and conditions of this deeper aquifer system. Team members havebeing working on this ongoing project for the last 10 years. This explorationproject has often proved difficult in that just reaching the entrance to the cave ischallenging, let alone the excessive depth or enormity of the rooms in this caveor just the depth and time of the exploration that requires a max deco profile.Wreck Exploration “The Graf Zepplin” – Baltic Sea, Poland 2009A world class wreck and spectacular exploration of this German Aircraft Carrier.The only one ever built by Hilter, however it was captured and intentionally sunk,by the Russians, prior to it being put into service. Lost since the end of world warII, and was recently found by an oil drilling platform company and then after 3years finally explored by a worldwide team consisting of UTD instructors anddivers.DIVING CERTIFICATIONSUTD Founder, CEO & Training Director - Recreational, Technical, Trimix, Scooter, Wreck, Cave, RebreatherSSI Openwater Instructor through Instructor CertifierNAUI Openwater through Technical InstructorNASDS Openwater through Instructor TrainerPDIC Openwater through Nitrox Instructor TrainerGUE Instructor Trainer, Level 3 Technical Diver, Level 2 Cave Diver, Level 3 RB80 DiverDAN O2 ProviderSUMMARYAndrew Georgitsis began diving in 1986, although his love of the water stemmedfrom childhood and some might say was genetic. He became an avid swimmerand competitive water polo player in South Africa before immigrating to Seattle,Washington where he took up scuba diving. Over the last fifteen years, he hastaught thousands of divers around the world and continues to share hisknowledge, skill, and passion for the underwater environment as an activeinstructor and explorer.Most recently, Andrew has found a new home in the San Diego area and islooking forward to building a friendly dive community while remaining committedto the UTD/DIR philosophy and providing students with diver education that issecond to none. Andrew will also continue to pursue his exploration dreamsaround the world and provide like-minded divers with opportunities for uniquediving experiences.